Are we crazy?!

When we found out we was having Amelia we moved into a little two up two down house, it was perfect and big enough for me and ryan…what would it be like with three of us?

Well as you can imagine we was sooooon bursting at the seams!! Kids toys everywhere our bedrooms were tiny and there was soooo not enough room to bring another baby into this house!

So that was it, we got house hunting. Renting a 3 bed house where we live is around £800 a month – just for rent…so one day I had an absolutely crazy idea.

‘Let’s see if my parents will have us back so we can save up for a deposit for a house’ I said…not thinking ryan would go for this idea – at all.

He moved out at 16 and there’s no way he’d want to live with my parents…why would he? Bearing in mind my mum is a real ‘mums mum’ she likes to make sure you’ve got everything you need, enough food, your clothes are washed and dried, wants to help in any way she can.. always makes a real fuss about you (which obviously I love) but As ryan left home at a young age he wasn’t used to there is absolutely no way he’d agree.

A few minutes later…I got my answer….YES…

So that was that..we spoke to my parents and they agreed.

We sold all of our furniture, packed up our personal belongings and the three of us and bump moved back to my parents 3 bed 1 bathroom house in November 2018 so we could save up for a deposit for a mortgage.

We sat down with a spreadsheet and worked out all of our outgoings and what we’d be able to save every month..all the un-essential spending stopped..we traded expensive days out for days at the park and we soon managed to save a deposit.

I mean a few days after we’d moved back home we didn’t realise how much space we had at our old house.

Amelia had my childhood bedroom still painted the same as I painted it when I was a teenager and me and ryan settled into my sisters old bedroom.

This house is literally bursting…

4 adults 1 child soon to be two and two dogs…what an earth was we thinking.

Age 22 and 27 and we was moving back into my parents house, the struggle was going to be hard, after living on our own and having our own space we was now under someone else’s roof trying to still live as our little family of three.

Well 8 months down the line and now with an extra baby we are still here…oh don’t forget we’re now 23 and 28 and Amelia turned two and we now have a baby!

We looked at the new build houses in our area and managed to reserve our plot…this isn’t going to be our ‘forever home’ because at the moment Ryan still isn’t qualified for his job (he’s a quantity surveyor) you have to do 5 years at uni to qualify, so whilst studying, working full time and juggling family life he’s coming up to doing his year 4 at university.

Once ryan is fully qualified and I decided what I want to do we will eventually move into our forever home, but for now…this is our starting home, a place where we can get on the property ladder and have something to call ‘ours’.

We have done all the paperwork and the house will hopefully be ready to move into before Christmas!!

As much as I love my parents, I think moving back home when you have a family of your own is absolutely mental thing to do…without them helping us out and letting us home we would never have been in a position to be able to buy our own for that I am utterly and completely grateful that I have such amazing parents. ❤️

Published by justalice123

Hi! My name is Alice and I’m 23. I’m a mum of two beautiful children and fiancé to Ryan.

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